Soul Spa Ayurveda & Massage

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  • 60 minutes for $85  
  • 75 minutes for $100
  • 90 minutes for $120

Choose from the following healing treatments:

~INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE~ A client favorite and Mira’s specialty.  A seamless, intuitive flow of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Ayurvedic principles to restore ease in body and mind.

~AYURVEDIC MASSAGE (ABHYANGA) ~ A full body massage which uses warm herbal oils from head to toe to balance the doshas (elements) and enhance the flow of blood, lymph, and prana.  A grounding, nurturing massage which also supports detoxification.                                

~MARMA POLARITY SESSION~ Inspired by Mira’s studies with Dr. Vasant Lad and John Chitty,  this session is done fully clothed or as part of an integrative style massage. Following a brief intake session, certain marma (energy) points are chosen and worked on with acupressure and essential oils.   Techniques from Polarity Therapy are also used to remove energetic blocks and balance the nervous system.

-Shirodhara ~ The Crown Jewel of Bliss Treatments
Shiro means head. Dhara means to flow. During a Shirodhara treatment the forehead and crown are bathed in a steady soothing flow of herbalized oil for a period of thirty to fourty minutes. The treatment begins with an oil massage to the head, face, and neck. Marma points are stimulated to deeply release muscular tension and balance the body/mind. Then the flow of oil begins. The stream of oil is made to move slowly from side to side accross the forehead, from temple to temple, as low as the eyebrows, as high as the hairline. The oil stream is also left to bath the AJNA CHAKRA at the center of the forehead for periods of time, guiding the awareness deeply within. This treatment can profoundly balance the nervous system. The left and right hemispheres of the brain are gently stimulated and integrated. Traumas and tensions can be released. One is lead inward into a meditative state. Often clients fall into a deep sleep-like state known as the turiya state. After the flow of oil, the head is wrapped in a soft warm cloth for a period of rest. This is a great treatment to experience after an Ayurvedic Massage.
$115 for 60 minutes.
$325 for a package of 3 treatments  /  $500 for package of 5

~Bliss Pass~
An Ayurvedic Massage followed by a Shirodhara for Two Hours of Bliss!

Swedana ~ Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Therapy
An herbal steam is a great addition to an Ayurvedic warm oil massage. The steam induces a light sweat which clears the channels of ama (accumulated toxins). You lie comfortably on the massage table while the steam opens the pores of the skin, dilates the channels of blood and lymph, and encourages the release of unwanted toxins. Swedana can ease muscle and joint pain, and support sinus and respiratory conditions. This steam treatment beautifies the skin and leaves the mind feeling grounded, calm, and clear.    $30 added onto a massage

Additional Options:

~AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE CONSULTATIONS~ Educational rather than clinical, this two hour session will introduce you to the five great elements of Ayurveda and give you insight into how to balance your unique constitution.  Come away with seasonal dietary and self-care guidelines, recipes, tips for shopping and stocking your kitchen, and feeding the family.   Yoga recommendations and meditation instruction upon request.

  • Two hours for $125

Garshana, which means ‘rubbing’, is a dry, vigorous type of massage done with either silk or wool.   This treatment targets the lymphatic system under the skin.  Repetitive rhythmic strokes create friction and heat, which dilates blood and lymph vessels and enhances the metabolic processes in and under the skin.    It also activates and opens the subtle channels, known as ‘srotas’ in Ayurveda.    The friction of the rubbing action creates a kind of static electricity and an alkalizing effect which is cleansing on a physical and energetic level.      Dead skin cells are rubbed off and the skin is vitalized.    The skin is the largest organ of the body, and one that plays a key role in elimination of waste.  Garshana enlivens and supports the health and function of the lymph and skin, and is therefore a great aid when undergoing any kind of cleanse.   

Nasya is a cleansing treatment for the nose and sinuses in which oils are administered and sniffed deeply into the sinus cavities.    This simple yet deeply detoxifying treatment moisturizes the nose and sinuses,  reduces inflammation,  cleanses and clears pathogens from the sinuses and head, nourishes the brain, and opens up all the pathways which carry the physical and subtle breath.   A warm compress is first placed over the face to help open the sinuses.   Herbal oil drops are then administered and marma points activated to further open the channels and balance the mind.

About Mira Devi

Mira Devi’s journey into the healing arts began twenty years ago when she dove heart first into ashram life.  Over the course of a ten year period, first at Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram, then later at it’s sister ashram Shoshoni Yoga Retreat, Mira lived, learned, and served on the path of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Sacred Bodywork, and Sacred Music.   Sweet memories of the early years at the ashram include sunny afternoons in the kitchen preparing meals with women who remain lifelong friends,  while simmering spices and the music from Krishna Das’s first cd filled the air…music practice in the beautiful temple with those same dear friends…chanting and meditating in the early mornings….recording beautiful songs and chants with the ashram band, Shiva’s Garden.   As the years passed she eventually grew into the roles of staff manager, lead massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and kirtan leader.   She is a certified yoga teacher having completed 500 hours of training through the ashram Shambhava Yoga School.   A graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Arts, Mira is a licensed massage therapist and has completed numerous trainings with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute.   She has studied Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Care with Ysha Oakes, and is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator through the Vedic Institute.     Mira has a special connection to working with women, from new mothers to women who are in their wise woman years.

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