Intuitive Reiki with Crystals

with Jocelyn Hunter on Mondays

Contact to Schedule: 970-381-9690

90 minute session-$108: includes initial check-in and intention setting, approximately 60 minutes hands-on Reiki with crystals, option to receive an intuitive reading during Reiki which may include past life information, and time for healing and integration.

2 for 1 November Promotion:

Get (2) 90 minute sessions for the price of one. (Can be shared with a friend.)

What is Intuitive Reiki?

Reiki is lifeforce energy that is directed by higher consciousness. It is unconditional love energy that is available to us all. The Reiki practitioner is aligned with the healing energy through a series of attunements (see below). In a Reiki session, the practitioner offers gentle hands-on touch as the recipient practices receiving. Receiving Reiki energy is the same as allowing a flow of love energy to gently wash through your energy field, helping you to release ailments (such as pain, heavy emotions, unwanted thought loops, etc.) while simultaneously filling you up with love, peace, and ease. Intuitive Reiki includes psychic transmissions and spiritual healings. During a Reiki session the practitioner (as well as the receiver) may download messages specific to the intentions set and the healing journey of the recipient. These often include references to patterns of conditioning, as well as past life stories, that are ready to be healed and transformed. It is important that a Reiki session include some time for discussion in order for the information to be carefully integrated. The use of Crystals in a Reiki treatment involves the placement of specific stones, crystals, and mineral specimens on the body, on the table, and/or under the table. Natural stones are energy tools. While human energy is highly mutable, crystals are fixed and arranged. The steady frequency of vibration of the stones can positively entrain and transmit its more balanced state of energy to the recipient.

Reiki Attunements are sacred spiritual initiations that connect the initiate with higher levels of consciousness and prepares them to channel Reiki energy. Progressive attunements are required to become a Reiki Master. Each attunement introduces new Reiki symbols and deepens your ability to access unlimited healing energy. (Please inquire about availability. Classes will be offered upon request.)

About Jocelyn Hunter

Jocelyn’s journey as a crystal healer began in 2001 when she took her first silversmithing class. On the second day of class she asked the instructor “when do we talk about the stones?” When the instructor replied “Never”, she began her own self-guided journey into the magical realm of crystals and gemstones. Her work as a jewelry artist has always been about the stones. Natural gems, crystals, and mineral specimens are the focal point of all her jewelry, designed specifically as talismans to enhance and inform one’s healing process.

Jocelyn became a certified Master of Crystology in the Melody Crystal Healing modality in 2014. She completed her 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher trainings at Soul Tree and became a 500hr RYT in January 2019. She currently teaches a Yin & Crystals class and a Reiki, Hot Stones, and Restorative Yoga class at Soul Tree. She began her attunements with Reiki in 2016 and completed her Reiki Master Teacher Training in 2019. She has studied and practiced with Psychic Horizons in Boulder CO since 2016 and is an ordained Reverend of the Church of Inner Light.