Reiki Healing w/ Andrew

Reiki is a healing energy of the highest vibration, emanating from the very core
of our Uni-verse. Simply put.. it is the power of Love. With light touch (or depending on preference, hands hovering over the body) Reiki softens us, it sheds layers, years, and lifetimes of stress, negativity, and blockage from our entire being. It has been known to help with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments and times of difficulty.
menu of offerings: 
1 hour Session – $60
1/2 hour Session – $45
$10 discount for YTT & teachers
Contact for appointment:
Andrew Keeler has been an active Reiki practitioner since 2011, when he was first attuned. He heard the calling to investigate Reiki when in meditation one morning. There was a weightedness in his palms, and upon asking what to do with this energy the word “Reiki” came from the ethers. Day by day he has actively integrated the energies many gifts into his life and helped others by offering it’s healing, loving, essence. Through sessions in person or over any distance he’s shared this gift; offering the energy for chakra cleansing, support for emotional release during shifts in work and intimate relationships, finding physical ease, organizing and softening mental clutter, and connection to helping guides.