Acupuncture & Zero Balancing

Why Try Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a system of medicine designed to stimulate your natural ability to heal. Acupuncture works in a series of treatments by sending new messages to your nervous system. This releases tension, frees up circulation, and produces chemicals that nourish, rejuvenate and restore your whole body, mind, and spirit. Acupuncture can help heal many acute injuries and chronic conditions. It relieves chronic stress and simply allows you to enjoy your life more. Please contact Michael for a free 15- minute consultation to find out if Acupuncture is right for you (720) 515-0130


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New Client Appointments:

Comprehensive Consultation and Treatment 120 minutes$85 ($135 regular)
Acute Pain or Structural Care and Treatment 80 minutes$65 ($100 regular)
Zero Balancing Bodywork60 minutes$55 ($75 regular)
Ear Acupuncture Appointment30 minutes$15 ($20 regular)

Follow-up Appointments:

Follow-up Acupuncture Session80 minutes$100
Follow-up Zero Balancing Bodywork60 minutes$75 regular

Call for Free 15 Minute consultation to customize a treatment plan for you.
We do not accept insurance, but can provide medical receipts for insurance reimbursement.

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Get Bodywork, Receive Free Acupuncture
Book a full price 60-minute Zero Balancing
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Stress Relief Ear Acupuncture session on your
next visit.

Receive Comprehensive Whole Person Care:

My whole person approach understands that your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing cannot really be separated. Because you are a unique individual, your treatment plan must be individualized to your needs and situation. Instead of just treating symptoms, I diagnose and treat the root cause of your injury or imbalance. When you attend your first appointment we go over your full health history. This includes your long-term and short-term treatment goals, counseling and coaching, nutritional consultation, treatment and a home-health plan. Get the time you really deserve with your clinician.

What kind of care do you need?

If you’re seeking treatment for a recent sports injury, physical pain or general stress relief consider a Japanese Structural Acupuncture (80 minute $100) or Zero Balancing bodywork (60 minute $75) session for your first appointment. If your health situation requires a comprehensive big picture approach to get to the
root of a more complex problem, consider the Comprehensive Whole Person Care appointment (2 hour $135), which includes Classical Five-Element Acupuncture or Japanese Structural Acupuncture as appropriate. You may read more about each of these services below, or please contact me to discuss which treatment option may be right for you.

How Our Sessions are Different:

I practice very unique style of acupuncture, moxibustion and bodywork therapy. Unlike other styles of acupuncture, I work with you in the treatment room throughout the entire length of your session. Needles are rarely retained and several hands-on techniques are applied throughout. Additionally, moxibustion heat therapy is often applied to selected acupuncture points. This stimulates your immune system, increases circulation and blood flow to places that need it most.
Because of the longer face-to-face session time, results tend to be more comprehensive. You make the most of our sessions by gaining more insights into your health through our in-depth time together. This gets you on the road to feeling better faster.

Questions About Acupuncture:

Do you have questions about whether acupuncture is right for your situation? Get your questions answered.
Please contact me for a 15-minute free phone consultation to discuss your situation. (720) 515-0130.
Additionally, you can visit to learn more about my approach.

Treatment Specialties:


Restore your natural good posture, eliminate pain and recharge your vitality. Heal acute and chronic conditions from your depths to your branches. Experience a renewed sense of vitality, freedom, movement, and flexibility.

Japanese Structural Acupuncture (JSA) unwinds the effects of habitual patterns of movement, poor posture or physical injury. Because our habits of moving, sitting, exercising and walking cause us to distort the natural shape our body, our blood and
nutrients stop flowing to the places that need them to function. This deprives your tissues of life-giving oxygen and causes various types of blockages and disease to set in. Our approach is simple – we restore circulation throughout your body.

When fresh blood circulates fully, the disease disappears and doesn’t return. Your own oxygen-rich blood heals you from the inside out. With treatment, your whole posture changes as you regain a new freedom and flexibility in your back, hips, neck, and shoulders. You heal not just your structure but also every place that blood and nutrients can go – this includes all your whole nervous system and internal organs. Each session leaves you feeling rejuvenated from your core to your branches, while your immune system goes to work to heal the parts of you that have not gotten the nourishment they’ve been craving. The cumulative results give you more radiant health.

80 minute – intake and first treatment ($100)
80 minute – follow-up treatments ($100)


Addresses the individual root cause of physical, emotional and existential pain and illness. Makes major life changes and transitions feel easier. Restores your natural vibrancy, resilience, and adaptability to stress. With treatment, you experience emotional peace, physical wellbeing, and a renewed quality of life.

The Chinese have long believed that our health results from living in harmony with the cycles of nature. When we fall out of balance with these cycles we lose our ability to adapt to change gracefully.

Because each one of us is unique, we each have a personal way that we tend to get sick when confronted with the stress. Excessive anxiety, worry, sadness, anger or grief can easily cause us to get sick. Sometimes we can even lose access to our
spirit – the natural spark, and zest for life, which gives us direction and meaning. When the connection to our spirit is lost, sickness sets in and we experience many physical symptoms of distress known by many western medical diagnoses.
However, when the common root cause of individual imbalance is treated, many of our symptoms, regardless of what they are called tend to resolve naturally and spontaneously.

With Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, areas in your life that have felt stuck or lifeless start coming back to life. As your innate health, inspiration and natural creativity return to you, the circumstances that seemed tough or impossible begin to feel workable. New openings for changes start becoming more obvious. Change starts to feel easier and much more natural as you start going with the flow of life’s
seasons. As your health and your life start to transform, you experience a renewed sense of power, freedom, self-expression and peace of mind. This leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

120 minute – intake and first treatment ($135)
80 minute – follow-up treatments ($100)


This bodywork modality relieves pain while reconnecting you to the natural space and groundedness that’s already inside you. By working with the gentle restorative power in our bones, ZB painlessly aligns your whole structure, and accesses your deep reserves of vitality and core strength.

Often when we stretch, we find that areas are too painful, or simply inaccessible to us. Because stress makes us stiffen, our muscles and bones lose flexibility. Moving throughout our daily lives can cause even more pain as we rub up against old problems. Change can often feel unnatural and difficult when we try to shift things on our own. Sometimes our heads and not connected to our bodies, or our feet feel like they never quite touch the ground.

Zero Balancing is designed to unwind these patterns and reconnect you to your center. This painless modality uses gentle pressure and traction on your bones and muscles in specific planes of motion. Because this therapy works best through loose-fitting clothing, you can remain clothed throughout the session. As the session progresses you begin to feel at home with the weight, shape, and size of your body. The resulting release in your structure resets your muscles, and bones and unwinds the tightness inside you. The result is a feeling of real spaceousness, groundedness, increased peace and overall sense of wellbeing.

60 minutes – $75.00
80 minutes – $100.00


Unlike other treatments offered, Ear Acupuncture can be received in the waiting room while you rest and/or read. During these treatments several small needles are placed in the ear and are retained for 30-40 minutes while your mind, and body relax.

Ear Acupuncture can be particularly useful during periods of high stress, or to assist with detox. Ear treatments provide a gentle reset for your central nervous system and can be a great introduction to acupuncture for those who’ve never tried it. I offer these as interim treatments between your regular sessions and highly recommend them when we are working on making big changes such as addiction recovery, craving control, stress management or trauma, or where a higher frequency of treatment is necessary.

30-40 minutes – $20.00

About Michael Dabrowski, L.AC

Michael has been using acupuncture as a primary form of healthcare for 10 years and couldn’t imagine a life without it. Michael first tried acupuncture for stress relief while working in Washington D.C. as a
software engineer. He found acupuncture made lifestyle changes much easier, which helped him lose weight, heal chronic back pain, and recover from skiing accidents and concussions.

Michael treats each person as a unique individual rather than only treating their symptoms. Because physical pain, mental and emotional stress are often related and inform one another, Michael’s approach is
holistic. This helps people feel better and experience greater well-being all aspects of their daily life.

Michael is nationally certified and licensed in Colorado.  He specializes in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture and Japanese Structural Acupuncture (Seitai Shinpo). He also practices Zero Balancing and Sotai Movement Therapy. He holds a Masters in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture and is trained by top clinicians from Japan, United States and Europe. His specialties include musculoskeletal pain, posture and emotional wellbeing.
(720) 515-0130
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 10am-7pm