Easy Access to Online Classes:

Directions through Jan 22nd:
1. Update your account to allow for email communications with us. This is very important just in case we need to ever change our zoom information. Even if you get an auto receipt for your purchases, it does not mean you are set up to receive auto emails for pre-registering for classes.
2. Must Pre-register on our website schedule or App for all of our classes.
3. We use the same links for all our classes:
 All Classes (except Kaiut): https://zoom.us/j/9968807902
Password: 020219
 All Kaiut Classes: https://zoom.us/j/2249720008
Password: 948222
Workshops: Please use the links written in the workshop descriptions.
4. Do not click Links until 10 min. before class starts.
5. Enjoy!
We will be using a new platform for Livestream Online classes through Mindbody.
How do you know if your class is on Zoom or Mindbody? 
  • Mindbody Livestream classes will be marked on the schedule with the icon & Live Stream. (Unless they say Online Zoom or In-person @ South)
  • Almost all classes will use the new platform
  • Kaiut classes will still be on Zoom!
    Password: 948222
  • Workshops will either be on zoom or on the New platform with Mindbody. Please see individual descriptions for the live stream location.
Clients who have booked the class will receive an automatic email with the live stream link 30 minutes before class is set to begin. If a client books the class closer to the start time, they’ll receive the email 2-3 minutes after booking.
Links will come from – [email protected]
*Save this in your contact list so it doesn’t end up in spam.
Only the first 15 students can opt to show video, if you do not want to show your video then log-in closer to the start time to allow those that do to take advantage of this.
It may be helpful to download MindBody Live  at least 30 minutes before your first Livestream class.
*Please Note: Starting Feb. 1st, we will no longer be sending out class recordings each morning. If you miss your favorite teacher or class please check out our new On Demand options.
Here are more helpful tips to check out when you are preparing to attend your next Live Stream class!