Rent Space or Host Workshops

We have a beautiful space for you to rent for private sessions, workshops, seminars, dance classes, concerts, massage, and more.

Workshop Rates

A split charge of 60%/40% (you/studio) of the total income for your workshop.

Advertising included:

  • Listing on our website (we collect payment and registration for you with the bonus ability for your clients to pay with a credit card)
  • Listing in our newsletter
  • Inclusion of your event on other social media and newsletters
  • Flyer Design, 3 color copies hung at studio location. PDF for you to print and distribute

Items available for your use during the workshop include stereo equipment, yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, refrigerator, filtered water.


  • Do you need the space cleaned after your event?  $30  (or you can choose to clean yourself)
  • We typically try to set up an ambassador for your event who attends free of charge. The ambassador will assist in setting up, registration, cleaning up, and closing.  In the event that there is not an ambassador available there may be an additional $10 charge to lock and unlock the space.
  • CANCELLATION FEE: there is a $50 cancellation fee IF you cancel after all the fliers have been printed & promotional work has been done

Rental Rates

(*This is for private events and does not include advertising or registration)

South Studio

Weekday hourly rate: $65/hour
Evening and weekend hourly rate: $80/hr

Email [email protected] with your completed form.  If approved, we will send over a contract and get your event on our website!  We recommend pricing your workshop between $10 and $25 per hour per person.

*Applications must be sent in a minimum of 6 weeks prior to requested dates.  8+ weeks is a better chance of securing your requested date.

*If by chance you decide to cancel the event after we have created promotional (fliers/social media post), we charge a service charge of $50 for canceling.