Intuitive Healing

Discounted Chakra & Aura Healing Sessions in November
Let Me Hear Your Body Talkmaggie
Your body has an inner compass that when aligned, leads you to a blissful and beautiful life!  We come into the world aligned and then we absorb energy from our experiences that can cause us to lose sight of this internal navigation.  A Body Talk session is an energetic reading and healing of your chakras (energy centers) and aura that reveals solutions, restores balance and helps get you back on track!   The session includes a white light healing that purifies your entire energy system and provides a clean slate to initiate new beginnings.
Nourish your energy system with a Body Talk session and receive healing of:
*Anxiety / Depression
*Chronic Pain
*Low Libido
*Emotional Stress
*Weight Gain
*Overwhelm / Life Ruts
*Relationship & Life Choice Options
1 HR Session $75 (Normally $100) in November!
Questions & Scheduling:  303-589-1531
Maggie Carraher is an Intuitive Healer who uses her gifts of clairvoyance, Divine channeling, and subtle body senses to read and heal the energy of people and their experiences.
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