Personal Restorative Sessions

One on One Restorative Sessions to Heal the Body & Mind


We live our lives at a very rapid pace. Our nervous systems are constantly in a state of “high alert” as we work, take care of families, and navigate our modern lives. We can help to balance our nervous systems and bring our bodies to a deep state of relaxation through restorative yoga and energetic alignment. Join me for a 1 hour restorative healing session designed specifically for you and your individual needs. One on One Sessions may include healing modalities such as restorative yoga asana, meditation, Thai Massage techniques, drummming, crystal bowl attunement, ceremony & ritual intention setting. Individual needs vary and your healing session will be designed around your unique needs.  My intention is to hold sacred space for your own self inquiry and deep inner healing.

What happens during a healing session? 

During a  Healing session, the recipient relaxes in a supported supine pose, or savasana. After being led through a guided meditation that helps to bring the participant into a deep state of consciousness, a drum is played over the major energy centers of the body. The sound of the drum allows the brain to go further into a meditative state, and the vibration effects the physical and energy body, causing a release of tension. This release of tension can bring both calming and energizing effects to the mind and body. There is nothing for the recipient to do except receive the vibration and relax in meditation. Other modalities such as thai massage & crystal bowl attunement may be integrated into the healing session to invite in deeper healing.

These sessions can be deeply healing, as they encourage the body to release old holding patterns and create new healthy pathways!

“Over the past six years, I have spent countless time and resources looking for a way to release some spiritual energy that accumulated from a traumatic event. I have been to healers, psychics, and many workshops searching for an answer. It is only until I experienced Lori’s chakra clearing and shamanic sound healing that I found that profound release I had been yearning for all these years. It was an extremely powerful and eye-opening experience, and Lori held that space for me with grace and strength. I highly recommend her!”  Jenna

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$75 / 60 Minute Session

About Lori Glazebrook

Lori Glazebrook is an E-RYT  who has been living yoga both on and off the mat for over 15 years. Lori’s classes are grounding yet expansive and offer a safe & sacred container for  students of all levels to step into their own personal power and Truth. She will lovingly lead you to the edge of what you thought was possible in your life and show you how powerful and divine you truly are. Lori’s teachings evolve from tantra, and shamanic traditions to offer deep healing and transformation. Her classes are inspired by her teachers Amma, Saul David Raye and the Guru also known as Life.