Meghan Stockdale

A devoted student, sacred activist and teacher of flow, Meghan discovered yoga in 2000 after injuring her spine. She became a self-taught student of Yoga to grow stronger and heal her body and soon embraced the yogini lifestyle whole-heartedly.
Through grace and inspiration, Meg brings to the mat seamless sequences with her own blend of foundational principles, ritual and prayer to find inner guidance and heal.
Beyond instructing Yoga, Meghan is an ambassador for Off the Mat into the WorldTM and is the creator/director of Soul Tree Yoga in Lafayette, CO.
"My purpose is to foster communities that gather around the fire to heal, connect and thrive."

Marin McCallen

Marin McCallen (500 ERYT) is a life-long student and natural teacher. Her deep enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge and benefits of yoga shines through in all of her offerings.
Marin's own practice was a transforming force in her life, leading to deeper self-insight, increasingly healthy habits, and strength in body and purpose. Her evolution into teacher enforced her believe in yoga as a healing practice as she witnessed similar shifts in her students again and again. She continues to remain a student, always expanding her studies, and now trained in many different modalities including vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, yin & restorative yoga.

Marin approaches her teachings with reverence for the wisdom and tradition of yoga and with light-hearted humor and enjoyment of life. She embodies the natural curiosity of a traveler, and exudes a willingness of heart. Her teaching style is articulate, enthusiastic, present, grounding, and empowering.

Alex Ferm

Alex is a lighthearted and thoughtful teacher. She seeks to create a secure atmosphere for the students’ healing process and makes energetic space for the release of long held thoughts and emotions that might come up during the yoga practice. She encourages her students to follow their own inner wisdom and to challenge any ancient conditioning or beliefs that are limiting and constrictive. Alex teaches from the spaces between play and discipline where she has found the most freedom and healing. She is available for group and private instruction and is skilled at helping beginner and advanced students craft a practice that feels good and challenges the student to grow stronger. Alex is an artist, yoga teacher, and a student of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. She received her 200 hour certification from It’s Yoga in 2005. In 2011 her life was dramatically transformed on all levels when she completed the 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation program. She began the first Forrest Yoga program in Columbus Ohio giving the students there the tools to heal themselves and live more authentically. Forrest Yoga is the spark that empowered Alex to make some daring life choices, such as enrolling at the Rolf Institute to increase her ability to help others heal, moving to Colorado with her son, Henri, and making more space for art and love in her life.

Sarah Woods

Sarah has found herself dedicated to studying and practicing the spiritual, emotional and physical balance between Yoga and life for the last 10 years..."it ALL connects and resurfaces on our mats"!!! Her Vinyasa Flow style of teaching allows her students to Feel Free to Feel through the challenges and the flow by staying present with the breath in a space of connection and healing. "I am so honored to share this healing practice to seek our inner strength and connection to ourSELF...What happens when the heart surrenders everything to this moment and to YOURSELF?" A dedicated Mom of 3, she loves to PLAY and spend time with friends and family. When not at home or teaching, she enjoys practicing/learning/studying Yoga, reading, hiking, cooking, traveling, dancing, scuba diving and LIVE MUSIC!

Lori Glazebrook

Lori Glazebrook; E-RYT 500 is a rooted mystic who has been living yoga both on and off the mat for over 16 years. Lori’s classes are grounding yet expansive and offer a safe & sacred container for students of all levels to step into their own personal power and Truth. She will lovingly lead you to the edge of what you thought was possible in your life and show you how powerful and Divine you truly are. Lori’s teachings evolve from tantra, depth psychology, and shamanic traditions to offer deep healing and transformation. Her classes are inspired by our most valuable teacher of all the Guru known as Life.

Anne-Alex Packard

Anne-Alex Packard- As a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT), Anne-Alex specializes in Hatha, Kripalu, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga styles. Her teaching style is spiritual, grounded, serious and fun - all at the same time. Anne-Alex brings to her teaching an extensive background in professional dance theater, movement education, sports and dance medicine, somatics and body therapies.

Susan Simonds

Susan took her first yoga class as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado. A lifelong dancer, she was hoping to find a new physical outlet and soon fell in love with the practice. She dabbled with yoga for many years and deeply committed to her practice to help her cope with a dear friend’s illness. In 2012, she joined Soul Tree’s amazing Teacher Training program and completed her certification in 2013. Practicing yoga has helped Susan to balance life as a mother, wife, sister, friend, high school teacher, and more! Susan loves taking what she learns on the mat out into the real world, and she encourages her students to do the same. Off the mat Susan can be found playing with her vivacious, pre-school aged daughter, walking her beagle, cooking with her husband and sisters, or cross country skiing.

Nikki Rogers

Nikki first landed on her yoga mat in 1999 while living in Atlanta, GA and teaching Pilates at a local studio. As a classically trained ballet and modern dancer, she was intrigued by the postures and the idea of joining the breath with the movement. She fell into a steady Ashtanga practice and continued exploring the practice with various teachers until landing in Boulder, CO in 2002. Once in Boulder she had the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers, and over the course of the next 12 years she completed teacher trainings with Richard Freeman (200 hours) and CorePower Yoga (200+
hours), and she is most currently working towards her 500 hour ERYT with Gina Caputo and the Colorado School of Yoga. She has also completed various trainings in Yin Yoga and has her Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. Nikki teaches a flow-style, moderately paced class that always revolves around the correct alignment of the postures. She pays close attention to the breath and focus, and typically builds her classes to a safe yet challenging peak posture. She likes to keep her classes fun and light-hearted, and allows each student to work to their appropriate edge. Through the practice
of Yoga, she hopes to help her students find happiness in their bodies!

Janine D’Anniballe

Janine’s classes reflect a compassionate approach to our humanity and seek to cultivate awareness and connection with body, mind, and emotions.  Within a safe space, participants explore sensations and connect to our breath with intentions of transformation, healing, and spiritual development. Everyone is welcomed with unconditional acceptance with whatever experiences are brought to one’s mat that day. 

Janine completed her 200-hour yoga teaching training at Soul Tree Yoga Hub in April 2013 under teachers Meghan Stockdale and Cori Fratelli. 
Besides teaching at Soul Tree, Janine works as a psychologist, specializing in traumatic stress therapy and teaching trauma-informed yoga classes through Boulder County’s non-profit Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA).  When she is not practicing or teaching yoga, Janine loves to garden, hike, bike, and share quality time with her amazing menagerie of animals. 

Jen Marcussen

Yoga has always been a part of my life.
In childhood being coached to do my "deep breathing" when I was hurt or sad or overwhelmed - knowing even then the power of the breath. Then as I young adult I attended my official first class and was hooked, practicing on and off for years. It was after a car accident and resulting neck injury and many subsequent surgeries that I came back to yoga to be healed. Western medicine had let me down and my mat caught me. Completing multiple certifications in yoga and personal training, I have taught students from age 6 to 80, from the de-conditioned to injured and ill to amateur athletes (and all that fall in between). I believe that yoga is for every single human and helps to channel not only our best self but also cultivate large areas of peace, healing and strength within us all. The practices I teach are heavily influenced by my own practice, Ashtanga and Hatha Vinyasa, helping me to create classes that are accessible to anyone and everyone regardless of their fitness or experience.


J Hastain

j hastain brings deep work as a priestess and ceremonialist to ecstatic dance practice. j's background as a dancer started in L.A. dancing hip hop and continued in the outskirts in Australia. j is certain that the whirling dervishes offer bread and wine as offerings in the former lives and in this one. It is j's belief that bringing dance into the ecstatic registers results in sound healing by the bravery of authentic movement in ceremonial space. j dances hard and sweats until clean.

Satya Gita Aune

Satya Gita is a long-time, devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga. In her more than 25 years of practice, she has studied many forms of yoga, including Jivamukti, Integral, Ashtanga, Standing Wave, Forrest, and Anusara and currently inspired by Gina Caputo.

Her yoga teaching emphasizes spiritual, emotional and physical integration. Each session is unique, as she is sensitive to the spontaneous exchange between students and her self, and are responsive to what is needed in the moment in collaboration with a planned, creative and intelligent sequencing of postures. From her bodywork training, she has a deep understanding of body alignment and offer extensive hands-on adjustments. She bring emotional intelligence to her teaching that supports each individual to continue their healing in a compassionate way, and emphasize developing sensitivity to the energetic flow of life.

Laura Zeigler

Laura Zeigler has taught yoga to adults and kids since 2010. She is a graduate of Naropa University where she studied yoga, meditation, contemplative education, aikido and Sanskrit. Laura was originally drawn to yoga as a way to release muscle tension and deepen the breath and with commitment to a regular practice she discovered that yoga is a potent life-changing tool. Her desire to help others discover this is what continues to fuel her passion for teaching. In 2014 she became certified to teach AcroYoga and she is particularly excited by partner practices because she loves to see what happens when we practice in relationship! She enjoys teaching both adults and children as a way to open up the body, mind and spirit to greater freedom, joy, and peace.

Mark Reeves

Mark moved to Colorado in 2008 from Pennsylvania with the intention of completing a master’s degree in contemplative psychotherapy but quickly found himself on the path of yoga. It was during this chaotic time of transition he discovered Vipassana meditation and yoga as a way to ground himself in the groundlessness of living. He spent the next 6 years working with and through resistance to his practice and in 2014 he enrolled in Soul Tree Yoga Teacher training in Krama Vinyasa and truly discovered his devotion to meditation, yoga, and the gratitude for 6 years of resistance to them both. He quit his job of eight years and now uses his own experience with practice to make compassion accessible to all his students by offering a safe environment to explore, play, and get curious about the possibilities that already exist in each of us. Through the use of pranayama, asana, and meditation, it is his intention to allow students of any level find healing and deep peace from within, while still giving a realistic and grounded approach to the deeper aspects of yogic and meditative practice. He truly believes and embodies the notion that, Yoga is not about being flexible or even making yourself flexible. It is about meeting your inflexibility with kindness and curiosity. It is about holding ourselves in gentleness underneath the challenge of postures, and finding our true selves by coming into our bodies with love rather than an agenda to fix or change something. When we allow ourselves to feel, with presence and honesty, we seek to evolve and grow but still consistently allow self-compassion and grace to flourish beneath the effort.

Melissa Carey

Melissa is an artist, who expresses life as a dance, through massage from several ancient modalities and practice in yoga, mantra, music, and meditation. She seeks to create a space where people feel comfortable to deeply feel and express themselves. Her journey to her center began with yoga; she began practicing in high school finding personal growth and healing. She continued on to massage school and fell in love with Thai Massage, in part due to it’s yogic roots. Traveling to follow her teacher, Melissa studied near and far for the past ten years, developing her skills and practicing as a massage therapist. Her path led to further study in Yoga and Ayurveda at Naropa University, earning her Bachelors degree in Traditional Eastern Arts. She now teaches at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Denver working with Service Member’s with PTSD and in the Psychology Unit, as well as, at Soul Tree Yoga. She teaches the Bhakti flow, Mellow Flow and Healing Yoga. Creating a sense of community in practice can help us all to find our true gifts and grow into our fullest expression of ourselves. By offering one on one sessions and group classes, Melissa hopes to lead each person back to their depth of self, feeling wholeness, and activate the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

Eliza Loovis

Eliza initially came to yoga as a means to reduce stress brought on by striving towards perfection in many areas of her life. Thru the gift that a yoga practice offers, she now sees the PERFECTION in everything just as it is.
At first her practice was all about exhausting the body in order to still the mind. After years of consistent practice, Eliza finds her mind quite still even when her body is busy moving thru her day as a small business owner and Mom.
Eliza believes yoga is for every BODY. There is nothing more exciting than hopping on your mat and exploring how your unique body moves with the poses.
Eliza’s classes are creative, dynamic, and most importantly, FUN! They offer not only the chance to explore physical postures but also the opportunity to begin to peel away the layers that keep us from seeing who we really are. As we deepen into the area of self study, we deepen the understanding of ourselves, who we really are at our core – the essence of JOY, PEACE, and LOVE.

Chris Mitchel

Anne Spear

I began my yoga practice in 1999 and quickly heard my calling to teach. After leaving the Midwest, spending a year across the pond, and finally finding home out West, I am following that calling and began my journey as a yoga teacher in 2014. I completed my 200 hour training at Yoga Junction in Louisville. Upon learning I was pregnant with my second child I began the practice of prenatal yoga which led me to seek training in postnatal, Baby & Me, and Toddler Yoga at Mama’Hood in Denver. To further my new-found passion and continue to serve my students, I trained in Prenatal Yoga at Mount Madonna Institute in California, and in pelvic health with yoginis and physical therapists. I offer classes that are joyful, warm, inviting, and tailored to nourish my students’ needs. I lead classes to empower with a sense of peace, spiritualism, and promote community. I teach to guide students to partner with their body, build a core foundation so that they may find steady and comfortable postures enabling stillness of the mind in the present moment inviting contentment and gratitude. My classes flow with alignment based asana and pranayama enabling the body to function optimally with ease and the ability to find balance in everyday life.

Jenny Hecht

Bhakti White

Bhakti White has been practicing Yoga Asana in various forms for nearly 30 years. She has taught over 10,400 classes in over a decade of full time teaching and been the lead trainer in over thirty-five 200/500 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings. Bhakti is the founder of Chi-Town Shakti, Chicago's premiere Yoga studio and served as Board President and resident Acharya at the Chicago Ashram (CSGSY) a non-profit meditation community.

A recent Boulder transplant, Bhakti is finding new nourishment in being closer to her Guru, Sri Shambhavananada and the wellness community of the greater Boulder area. A dedicated Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, Meditation and Pilates teacher; in 2016 she discovered Kaiut Yoga and has gained incredible benefit from this unique form of Asana practice. After studying directly with Francisco Kaiut in Toronto Canada, Bhakti began teaching Kaiut Yoga as well and has seen the amazing benefits of this unique approach extend to her own Yoga students.

Known for her down to earth nature, ability to connect deeply with each individual student and her deep love of Yoga as a lifestyle on and off the mat, Bhakti is excited to find her place in the Soul Tree and hopes to help facilitate each student's personal, physical and spiritual growth along a Yogic path.

Saskia Cervantes

Saskia found yoga while healing from an ankle injury, and immediately fell in love with the movement, strength and body connectedness of yoga. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Tree Yoga Hub and knew that yoga was always to be an integral part of her life.
She is a former dancer trained in Krama Vinyasa yoga, as well Thai Yoga Massage and is committed to a fulfilling daily yoga practice.
Saskia loves to see others connect to their own practice to find the truest expression of themselves – connecting heart, mind, body and soul. “Yoga means allowing yourself to accept all you are, and where you are today, and in this moment to see it for all the beauty it is!” Saskia guides her students through a powerful flow, utilizing the breath to explore greater depths of poses and movement. In her classes you will work to find your inner strength, motivation/determination and love for yourself to grow on and off your mat! There is sure to be a little silliness, and big smiles as you flow and find new depths to your spirit, strength and practice!

Amanda Ocon

Hello! My name is Amanda Ocon and it is my absolute pleasure to be a part of the Soultree community. I am originally from the Chicagoland area, but it is here that I call my home. The journey I have taken over the past four years since finding myself in Colorado has been quite a ride, both on and off my mat. It is in these years that I have been given the opportunity to deepen my practice and truly begin to just scratch the surface of what yoga means to me. This will be a lifelong road that I will continue to travel over the years, and be honored to walk along side all of you in your journeys. It is my goal to create a safe and sustainable practice that is not only physically challenging, but a practice that will also leave you with a feeling of being at one with yourself and those around you. For me, yoga comes in all shapes and sizes both on and off the mat, each of us a teacher. It is with love and gratitude I say hello to you all, thank you for welcoming me to the Soul Tree tribe.

Andrew Keeler

Andrew creates an atmosphere of gentle awareness, heartfelt healing, and loving growth.. Whether he's teaching Yoga or Reiki he holds space for people and the process, encouraging them to be active participants in their healing.
The qualities of stillness first motivated Andrew to practice Yoga. It took only ten minutes of simply focusing on his breath, the shape it took within his body, and how it felt on its release. The exercise forever changed his life when his mind, which had been an ever rushing river of thought, now experienced a momentary reprieve.
Through his practice he seeks to offer this peace to others; relishing in expansion and the inevitable contraction, love, light, and the willingness to see our shadows and support ourselves through our darkest moments. He shares as an Artist, Musician, Sound Healer, and empowered Reiki Master/Teacher. His love and reverence for Nature and BE-ing often arises in class, transporting students from their mats to the outer spaces and back to the inner workings of their minds and bodies. Andrew has completed 500+ hours of training including Laughing Lotus Flow, Yogaspirit, and Yin.

Dawn Thie

In 2000 I found yoga and it was the first time in my life that my mind was still and I knew I had to have more of this new found peace. I began a regular yoga practice and had the honor of practicing under a master teacher since 2008. After years of practicing yoga, I started to find the inner peace I craved and I realized that I wanted to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible. In 2014 I became a certified yoga instructor. I am a passionate and spiritual yoga instructor who creates dynamic lesson plans structured around a theme to include asana, pranayama, and meditation based on the 8 Limb Path of Yoga. I’m a certified Yoga Alliance RYT200 instructor trained in Sivananda Hatha and I’m also Power Pilates certified.

I love to weave the spiritual messages of yoga throughout my classes to help guide students deeper into their practice. Honoring each students' space and place, I teach to the room and not just my lesson plan. I work to guide students to honor their bodies and not worry about making their body fit a pose. I've had many physical challenges throughout my life and have experienced how yoga can heal the body and mind. I believe this has been a gift because it has helped me understand some of the challenges my students experience.

I feel blessed that yoga came into my life and I became an instructor to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible to assist them along their journey.

Jessica Hanlin

Jessica is a licensed clinical social worker whose yoga practice deepened immensely after the birth of her daughter. Through her completion of Soul Tree's 200 hour yoga teacher training, as well as her personal experience with postpartum depression and anxiety, she learned the importance of grounding, breath work, and allowing time to turn inward, all of which you will find in her dynamic classes. Her compassionate, nurturing teaching style and integrative sequences give her students the opportunity to explore and deepen their own practice in a safe, sacred space. She believes we have the opportunity to grow from each of our experiences, both on and off the mat, and she is honored to walk beside her students and clients as they navigate life's transitions, joys, and challenges.

Liz Terry

The founder of Satya Flow Yoga, Liz is an energetic Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher (eRYT500) incorporating techniques from several movement modalities into her yoga classes, making them diverse and different. She leads workshops on the asana practice as well as on the Roll Model Method from Yoga Tune Up, in order to empower her students to explore their own bodies and become passionate about their lives. Liz is a teacher who takes her classes beyond the image of what yoga is ‘supposed’ to be, and encourages her students to define yoga in their own way. She began teaching in 2009, and has been practicing yoga consistently since 2005. Yoga has taken Liz all over the world and for the past 6 years she’s been teaching in Dubai. She’s hosted retreats adventuring to Bali, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Liz is a 200hr teacher trainer for YogaWorks and continues to learn from all her teachers (teachers, students, family, friends) how wonderful life is when explored with community and through movement.